Ogechi Onyinyechi Onyenze Full Interview

What is your name?

Ogechi Onyinyechi Onyenze

Give a synopsis of your academic journey in Greensprings School?

Elementary school was a bit of a blur so I will not delve into that. However, my first two years of secondary school were rather unserious years for me. You could say I was an "average student". Though, upon entering year 9 I guess I had an epiphany and decided to really take my education into my own hands; mostly with the intention of making my parents proud. And I must say I got amazing results. Winning the overall best student in year 10 was shocking especially seeing as I had never achieved said award in any individual class I was in. Year 11 wasn't any less amazing.

How did your time in Greensprings School prepare you for the IGCSE?

I would say I just paid rapt attention in class, did my assignments and read my my books when exams came around. Nothing out of the ordinary. My teachers, family and the almighty God were certainly a great help.

What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?

I honestly would not say I faced any real challenges. Once I actually settled down to read academic success came pretty easy. Although , English related classes could be a bit if a hassle. I would say I just tried to do all that my teacher demanded of me.

What are you currently doing?

The Cambridge A level program.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully rounding up my higher education.

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