Samuel Olusola Edgar Joseph Full Interview

What is your name?

Samuel Olusola Edgar Joseph

Give a synopsis of your academic journey in Greensprings School?

I was in Greensprings school for 11 years and throughout this time there were ups and downs. It was difficult at times but I quickly adjusted and got used to the fast pace and workload that Greensprings had to offer. I met a lot of interesting people I will never forget and I am grateful to all my teachers for guiding me and assisting me throughout my academic journey.

How did your time in Greensprings School prepare you for the IGCSE?

The time I spent in Greensprings School prepared me for the IGCSE as I quickly got used to the format of the examination and with the help of my very skilled and qualified teachers, I and everyone in my set were sure to succeed.

What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?

There were a lot of challenges faced. I sometimes would go a long period of time without progressing in a subject and I had to face these challenges by buckling down on my studies and paying more attention to my classes. I would also ask for assistance from my teachers anytime I felt lost or confused. I eventually beat these challenges because of the effort I put in my studies and all the past papers I solved.

What are you currently doing?

After my final year in Greensprings School, I was admitted to Oxbridge Tutorial College where I embarked on my A-levels for only one year out of two before getting an offer and a scholarship to the Savannah College of arts and design.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, by the grace of God, I would have graduated from University and will be working on my career as a successful professional artist.

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