Nigeria's First Thinking School

Developing growth mindset that enables students to become more innovative in solving global problems

How your child will benefit.

  • Your child will experience global teaching methods based on international best practice.
  • Your child will be trained to become an innovative, world-class student
  • Your child will develop core analytical skills required to solve global problems
  • Your child will develop Thinking Skills required to gain admission and scholarship into word-class universities.
  • Your child will stand a chance to gain recognition within the global community.
  • Your child will develop growth mindset as adopted by innovative companies such as Apple, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook etc..

How we think about thinking

According to Dr. Oshinowo, "To solve global problems, you must be ready to entertain questions. We are grooming Greensprings' students to become innovators  and problem solvers by equipping them with the tools to think independently".

What is a Thinking School?

  • Thinking School helps students develop their meta-cognition to the highest level. 
  • Child-centered thinking is at the core of a Thinking School.
  • Students are given opportunity to overcome problems by seeking for solutions themselves. 

What you will find in a Thinking School

Increased level of independent thinking

Improved academic excellence

Fewer behavioural problems

Improved classroom management.

Join the next big revolution

A Thinking School supports students to think ‘outside the box’. Students will be able to deconstruct their own learning process and even find out what works best for them. The Thinking School approach is not just a subject but an approach to be used by every teacher in every subject. Thinking will help students tackle difficult questions more creatively.

This very exciting initiative, forms part of the Greensprings goal of redefining education in Africa.

Greensprings’ Thinking School ultimately aims to support our alumni so that they can develop solutions that will not only help their own families and communities but can also help Nigeria and Africa to move forward. 

Helen Brocklesby

Former Director of Education
Greensprings School

Success stories


“I love mathematics.” “Finding out about my award did not just make me joyful, but also increased my love and passion for mathematics! “I found the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum very interesting because it is skills-based and makes you think critically. “It was really helpful in exposing and preparing me to do well in international schools and universities in future. Also, I enjoyed the privileged of highly competent and committed teachers at Greensprings School.”

Honour Olatunji 
-Top in the world for Mathematics (without course work) IGCSE.


Greensprings School amazed the audience again at the Annual Schools Computer Club summit and Coding Competition held at the Computer Science Department of University of Lagos; Akoka Lagos on 2nd of November 2017.
He made Greensprings School proud by earning the 1st position out of the five schools that made it to the final stage of the competition and also making Greensprings emerge the winner for the record three consecutive times.

Oluwatamilore Adebayo 
Most "Technovative" Student at Schools Computer Club summit and Coding Competition

Six starting points for Thinking

Thinking School 6 starting points

For more information on Thinking Schools, click HERE.


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