Teaching Kids about Money:10 Things Every Child Should Know

Teaching kids about money is crucial in helping them know the usefulness cash brings.

What is the importance of teaching kids about money? What should my child know about ready money? 

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then keep reading. 

Money decisions are a big part of everyday life. Individuals are faced with making choices bordering on savings, spending and investments.

As a parent, there is a need to prepare children for the myriad of choices they would be making in relation to money all through their lifetime.  

This is why teaching children about money is important. According to a T. Rowe Price survey, carried out in the United States, 71% of parents are reluctant to talk to their kids about money. 

When educating kids about money, or related topics in parenting, only age appropriate subjects should be taught. For instance, toddlers or preschoolers may not understand investments and savings. However, such concepts can be taught to teenagers and adolescents.

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