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At Greensprings our educational impact is one that seeks to produce individuals who will contribute meaningfully to society.

The numerous success stories and innovations from members of our Alumni community has proven this fact. 

Here are some of them: 

Food Drop: Alumni Making Volunteering Easy for Everyone

Everest Ekong an alumnus of this prestigious institution in partnership with his colleague Miranda Khamis have set up a volunteering network called FoodDrop which seeks to solve the problem of hunger in their immediate environment in the Bath, United Kingdom.

The network thrives on volunteers who sign up to distribute excess food in areas where they are surplus and take them to local charities who later distribute them to those who are in need

Stephanie Anani: Leading the Way

Stephanie Anani an undergraduate of civil engineering at the University of Dundee is living out her dreams.  As an individual, she spends her spare time mentoring and helping intending students in their pursuit of higher education at the University.

This has gone a long way to help many students get admitted into the University. She aspires to always help people live more enjoyable lives and this is just one of the ways she intends to do so. 

Locally Grounded, Internationally Relevant

Michael Adebamowo is a recipient of the President'stransfer scholarship at the University of Maryland, College Park. This award was in recognition of his outstanding academic achievement during his freshman year at  Salisbury University.    

As a student, he was also involved in The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition, where his University team placed 1st in the U.S and 2nd place worldwide.

Chinedu Egbosimba  recently graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a GPA of 3.89/4.0.

He has been accepted to work with Bain and Company as an associate consultant in New York and he also just secured admission into the prestigious Harvard Business School where he plans to pursue his MBA.

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