November Events

Get To Know Us 

In the month of November, Greensprings opened her doors to prospective parents and students through the Get To Know Us platform. The event took place in different locations in the country. 

Get to know us

Lekki Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt which is a day set aside for team activities and adventure was also held in this month. 

scavenger hunt


​Our IB Diploma which is the flagship programme of the post secondary division of our world class educational institution had their taster session.

This event was held in order to afford parents the opportunity to make informed decisions about their children's educational future as Greensprings equips them with the right skill set and knowledge to compete globally.  

IB taster session

Man Up Special Edition

​A special edition of the interactive life coaching session "Man Up" which is a forum for young boys was held at the Anthony campus.

Boys had the opportunity to ask the guest speakers series of questions that concerned particular areas of their lives. 

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Learning and Dinning

Formal dinning is an integral part of our activities here in Greensprings. This month, the year 6 and year 10 classes had  their's and it didn't fall short of our expectations.

formal dinning

Lekki Elementary parents curriculum workshop

Our teaching methods are of international standard and do not fall short of what is obtainable in other parts of the world. Our processes are child centered and at the same time parent inclusive.

The elementary parents curriculum review held in the Lekki campus afforded parents the opportunity to learn and have a better understanding of our methods. 

parents curriculum review

Anthony Boarders' Barbecue

It was a day of fun, games and grills, the boarders at the Anthony campus had a day to themselves to enjoy in-house activities.

boarders barbecue

Anthony Airbus Robotics Workshop

The future belongs to our young ones and that's why we prepare them for it. Our Anthony campus played host to Airbus Global, a commercial aircraft manufacturing company earlier in the month.


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