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How to determine the best private schools in Nigeria

Here is how to determine the best private schools in Nigeria.

Finding the best school for your child in Lagos, Nigeria can be very challenging, because there are many good and bad private schools in Nigeria. Obviously, every parent wants their kid to go to the best private school in Nigeria but how do you determine the best school?

One must have metrics for measuring the multifaceted aspects of quality education. There are questions one would likely ask, such as the following:

Step One

Does the school have a boarding school?

How much does tuition cost?

Does the school have a library facility?

Does the school have experienced and well-trained teachers?

What security measures have been taken by the school?

Consider the academic qualifications of staff

Where is the school located?

How to determine the best private schools in Nigeria


This quote from Unesco clearly helps to define quality education. This would help you determine the best private school for your child in Nigeria.

‘Furthermore, whether parents send their children to school at all is likely to depend on judgements they make about the quality of teaching and learning provided – upon whether attending school is worth the time and cost for their children and for themselves. The instrumental roles of schooling – helping individuals achieve their own economic and social and cultural objectives and helping society to be better protected, better served by its leaders and more equitable in important ways – will be strengthened if education is of higher quality.

Schooling helps children develop creatively and emotionally and acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary for responsible, active and productive citizenship. How well education achieves these outcomes is important to those who use it’.

How to determine the best private schools in Nigeria


One must have measurable criteria to determine the best private school in Nigeria. One way of doing this is to listen to an authority in education.

What does quality mean in the context of education? Many definitions of quality in education exist, testifying to the complexity and multifaceted nature of the concept. The terms efficiency, effectiveness, equity and quality have often been used synonymously (Adams, 1993). Considerable consensus exists around the basic dimensions of quality education today, however, quality education includes: „

  • Learners who are healthy, well-nourished and ready to participate and learn, and supported in learning by their families and communities; „
  • Environments that are healthy, safe, protective and gender-sensitive, and provide adequate resources and facilities; „
  • Content that is reflected in relevant curricula and materials for the acquisition of basic skills, especially in the areas of literacy, numeracy and skills for life, and knowledge in such areas as gender, health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS prevention and peace; „
  • Processes through which trained teachers use child-centered teaching approaches in well-managed classrooms and schools and skillful assessment to facilitate learning and reduce disparities; „
  • Outcomes that encompass knowledge, skills and attitudes, and are linked to national goals for education and positive participation in society.

Source: Unicef

Step Two

The next step is to base your selection of schools using the questions and criteria above.

This should be a gradual process as you search the top private schools in Nigeria. One way to do this is using school directory sites.

Here’s my verdict on how to determine the best private schools in Nigeria

We have done hours of study and analysis based on all the questions and criteria listed above. I’ve also looked at authority sites across the web to actually determine the best private schools in Nigeria. I’ve looked and gone through hours of research already on the web.

We can arguably say that the best private school in Nigeria is Greensprings School. No other school even comes that close to what they have.

And I’m not just talking about school’s structure or hype. They actually fit the international standard of all the major educational research done so far. Here are just a few things to look at to confirm this:


Greensprings adopts a child-centered approach to education recognizing very child has a unique way of learning.

The school’s Learning and Teaching policy emphasizes the importance of exciting, relevant and challenging lessons to prepare learners for life. Excellent teaching is the basis for personalized support so each student can achieve their best.

How to determine the best school in Nigeria 5



In Pre-school, Greensprings’ Montessori methodology is committed to serving children, aged 2-5 years, regardless of religious and ethnic background. The basic Montessori philosophy such as Art, Music and Movement, Dance, Gymnastics, Computer and Outdoor Play activities is incorporated.

How to determine the best school in Nigeria, Montessori


In classrooms, age-appropriate activities and learning tools are used in creating stimulating environments, responsive to the needs and interests of each child.


Teaching from the age of 5 is by subject and conducted by highly-qualified specialist staff. This is a special feature of Greensprings School and gives children from an early age contact with subject specialists, not available to many children in other school settings until the secondary phase.

Classes average around 20 pupils.The curriculum and assessment procedures take into account the British National Primary Framework.


The quality of enrichment and extra-curricular activities is exceptional, embedded with opportunities for cross-curricula learning.

Programmes include sporting and creative activities, adventurous activities such as Duke of Edinburgh Award, Keele Football Academy, Kenyan Drama Road Show, Leadership Training Programme, WizkidSience Trip (USA), and Summer Olympic Trip (UK) and others.

How to determine the best school in Nigeria

These are just a few of what was considered in declaring Greensprings School as the best private schools in Nigeria.

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Here is the mission statement of Greensprings School:

‘Our mission is to promote lifelong learning in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens’.

If you are interested in enrolling your child or wish to request a brochure click here

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We have over 30 years of promoting lifelong learning in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens.

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