Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Hmmmmm! Waking up to a beautiful cloudy morning and a thought crossed my mind, it’s the Year 7  formal dining experience on Friday 13th May, at GSL Anthony.

Wow! The boys will be looking dap in their suits and the girls all glam in their dresses and heels, but despite all the outfits, preening and entertainment lined-up for the day, one thing bugs my mind; etiquette for formal dining!!!

The most important thing for me is the seating plan in the dining room. The first thing to look for is my table and getting familiar with those I will share my dining experience with. Finger foods are a delight to have, but please don’t forget to use your NAPKINS- in order, not to soil your outfit.

Next, we move into the dining hall, to sit and enjoy a beautiful evening with the host. Please remember that conversations form an important aspect at the table, so before the first course is served get to know those at your table. Always wait for everyone to be served before you eat.

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Always ask the person next to you to pass whatever you need, never reach across the table because it’s rude. It’s also very irritating to talk with food in your mouth, hold unto that thought till you swallow the food.

If you must or have the need to get up during the meal, politely ask to be excused and return as quickly as possible. We need to also know that our forks and knives are not fairy wands, so always rest them on the plate upside-down in a ‘V‘-shape.
Note once you are done with your meal, place your fork and knife on the right side of the plate. This lets everyone know you’re done with your meal and ready for dessert!

To conclude please always remember that fine dining or formal dining means you should and must be polite at all times, so don’t forget to use your MAGIC WORDS: PLEASE, THANK YOU AND EXCUSE ME.

So boys, the ladies expect you to be courteous, it won’t be bad idea if you move the chair for the ladies before they sit and slightly rise, once she ask to be excused.

I believe that these useful tips will help us enjoy the pleasant company of one another at this year’s Formal Dining event.

Bon appétit

Okojie Favour
Oral English Department
Anthony Campus.

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