Brian Nsien Ekong Full Interview

What is your name?

Brian Nsien Ekong

Give a synopsis of your academic journey in Greensprings School?

My academic journey in Greensprings School, thankfully, was one which held much success and involved a combined effort from myself, my teachers and my peers. The educational system in practice in Greensprings School is one which I feel enables students to achieve their goals and potential through an inclusive and rigorous learning experience, in which teachers interact closely with individual students and hence makes the process of delivering useful information more efficient and productive. This allowed me to take in information decorously, as well as have a sound support system for my teachers whenever I needed it.

How did your time in Greensprings School prepare you for the IGCSE?

At a time when independent work and revision was more important than ever - in the weeks that the final exams loomed nearer, it was, looking back, a great help to be able to have teachers on hand to ask for clarification on any topics that I was unsure about. Prior to this, the school provided us with all the necessary resources and more that we would need to prepare for the exams, definitely a telling factor in the success of every student at the school. It was this, coupled with a hard-set foundation of diligence towards learning and excellence in teaching staff that I believe I benefited from the most.

What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?

As far as challenges go, I’d say integrating the intense workload required into my daily routine was something which I had to get used to. It wasn’t always easy, and it definitely left me feeling stressed and worn out at times. Having a clear sight of your goals and using that as the drive, I believe is the best way to overcome that.

What are you currently doing?

I am currently studying an A Level course in St. Lawrence College, in the UK.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

After my A Levels and undergraduate study at university, I hope to start my career as an engineer.

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