Abdul-Malik Mustapha Full Interview

What is your name?

Abdul-Malik Mustapha

Give a synopsis of your academic journey in Greensprings School?

I started my journey in Greensprings School in yr 5, second term. I got the award for the best in French in my class. Also, in yr 7, I got the award for the best in French in my class and a 100% in my history exam. In yr 8, I had the desire to gain knowledge from varieties of subjects. , For example, I was determined to get 90% or above in all of my subjects, whether it was related to my discipline or not. I got the awards for P.E, Science and History. In yr 9, I was chosen to be in the accelerated math class and the competition between the academic giants of my school began to unravel my true potential. I got up to four awards during the award ceremony. Yr 10-Yr 11 was the period where I reached the pinnacle of my academic journey. I went to a math competition in children international school (CIS) and we came second. I also got awarded the ‘best in physics’ prize. In yr 11, I used the best of Greensprings’ academic resources to my advantage and aimed at one goal: being at the top of the IGCSE list. I achieved the goal when the result was published.

How did your time in Greensprings School prepare you for the IGCSE?

Greensprings School provided me with the most equipped teachers and facilities. I had a special relationship with my math, physics, chemistry, and literature teacher. (Mr Omotoyinbo, Mr Solola, Mrs Alabi & Mr.Oyesomi). Their relentless efforts to teach and provide an interacting atmosphere ignited my passion to absorb knowledge from various disciplines. My friends always came to ask me to help them with different academic exercises. This improved my humility to learn and go back to my previous notes. My friends and I also held group discussions on various subjects such as literature, accounting math etc. My attitude as a student was to combine humility and my desire for knowledge to reach my ultimate goal of making a landmark in Greensprings.

What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?

I struggled immensely with English and Literature. I could barely get above a C in my exams. My parents are the primary backbone of my academic success. They have always inspired me with their amazing academic feats. For instance, in yr.10, I got an E in literature. I was filled with anxiety and sadness. Without the inspiring words of my parents and the desire to reach my ultimate goal, I would not have put in the effort to study literature past questions and asked for help in school.

What are you currently doing?

Studying at the University of Central Florida

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to have gotten a Master’s Degree and work in engineering companies. After gaining enough experience, I would like to come back to my country and create a sustainable power grid system to end the problem of lack of electricity in Nigeria.

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