Upcoming events

December 2017

Pre school Christmas Show

Anthony - 1st

Lekki - 5th

Elementary Christmas Show

Anthony - 6th

Lekki -  8th

Charity/ Mufti Day (Lekki) - 7th

Scholarship Entrance Examination (Both campuses) - 16th ​

November 2017​

Elementary Parents’ Workshop (Anthony) - 9th

Open House- Get To Know Us (Anthony)- 16th

Boarders Outing (Lekki)- 18th

Open House- Get To Know Us (Lekki)- 23rd

Boarders’ Babercue (Anthony)- 25th

Pre-School Christmas Show (Lekki)- 29th

 October 2017

Sixth Form Formal Dinning (Lekki) 5th October 2017

Montessori Parents Day (Lekki) 7th October 2017

Elementary School Parents' Curriculum Workshop (Lekki) 10th October 2017

Girl Up (Anthony) 11th October 2017

Man Up (Anthony) 11th October 2017

Year 10 Parents Forum (Lekki)11th October 2017

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