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[PROVEN] 8 Guaranteed Back To School Tips For Your Child

As the holiday comes to an end, here are eight back to school tips to get your child ready for the new session.

1. Get your child on a good sleep schedule — with good sleep habits.

[PROVEN] 8 Guaranteed Back To School Tips For Your Child

During the summer, we often let our children stay up late, which is fine if they can sleep late in the morning — but it’s not so fine when school starts.

To avoid rude awakenings (so to speak), get your child started on his school sleep schedule at least four days before school starts.

Children should get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, so count back from when they need to wake up to find the right bedtime.

You will likely need to wake your child earlier and adjust your family evening schedules to accommodate the change.

Remember that screens (TV, phone, computer, tablets) emit a light that can “wake up the brain” and make sleeping harder, so turn them off a good hour before bedtime (phones should be charged outside the bedroom).

2. Re-establish school routines

[PROVEN] 8 Guaranteed Back To School Tips For Your Child

Parents should use the last few weeks of summer to get into the school rhythm.

Parents should have their child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning.

This is suggested by International school psychologist Kelly Vaillancourt, MA, CAS.

It’s also important to get your child used to leave the house in the morning, so plan morning activities outside the house in a week or two before school resumes.

3. Set new session academic goals
[PROVEN] 8 Guaranteed Back To School Tips For Your Child

How do you know where you’re headed if you haven’t mapped out plan to achieve the goal? 

​Regular goal setting is important for everyone, and if we start early with the kids and make it fun, it can become a habit for life.

Greensprings school runs through a goal setting exercise at the beginning of every school term, with regular reviews along the way.

You can also engage your kids in some goal setting exercises at home before the term begins.

Parents should assist students to create concrete academic goals during the summer holiday and carefully map out strategies to achieve them.

Set SMART goals.​

8 back to school tips

4. Find out the kind of learner your child is.

8 back to school tips

Children differ in their learning patterns. It is important for a child to identify early which learning pattern suits him/her. Here are the three basic learning styles:-

· Auditory

· Visual

· Kinaesthetic.

TAKE THE QUIZ: What is your child learning method?

Knowing the type of learner you are is going to help you be a better student and develop a more effective learning habit.

When you are able to determine the type of learning style that is best for your child, you will find better and better scores.

5. Set up a study routine

8 back to school tips

Are you prepared to head back to school? Creating a study routine is important to improve on your school work.


It is important for parents to help their children set aside a certain amount of time each day to focus on their home work and the subjects they need to improve on.

6. Create a calendar for school events and hang it where the whole family can see it.

8 back to school tips

If your school doesn’t provide families with calendar of activities, create a monthly school activity guide and make it your family school calendar.

Be sure to include dates  such as "back-to-school" night, PTA meetings, open days, school breaks and holidays.

This will help both parents and children be aware of every school event and prepare appropriately.

7. Plan healthy lunches and snacks.

8 back to school tips

Use the end of the summer to talk with your child about the healthy foods that they can take to school.

Try out some new fruits and vegetables, find their favourite yogurts, cheese and nuts (if the school allows nuts), also look at recipes together and buy containers for packing their food and drinks.

8. Ensure valuables are labelled for proper identification.

8 back to school tips

Label all your child’s belongings including the school bag. This reduces chances of any mix up and misplacement of items in school. 

Encourage your child to dress themselves so they can manage things like taking coats on and off at school.

Explain the concept of “lost property” to your kids, so they know how to find lost items on their own.

We hope these tips helped you. If you haven’t started preparing your child for the new session, now is a good time to start.

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