We’ve Got You Covered All Through Your Child’s Formative Years.

Every child deserves a quality and well-rounded education in their Elementary years.


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Your child will get a well-rounded education:





Boarding & Day School

Throughout the primary years, the aim is to achieve effectiveness in the core skills of reading, dexterity with numbers, oral and written communication; these are of prime importance to every child’s development.

Through creative topics, themes and projects, the pupils are introduced to a system that enables the flow of knowledge, using internationally accepted best practice.

Our boarding enables upper elementary students  take risks in a safe environment because it is an adventure where they can acquire unique and positive skills. They will be a part of a community where willingness to explore is inherent in the student body, and where lots of people will also be trying new things to their own benefit and that of the society on the long run.

Our Elementary Age Categories:







5 years and above

6 years and above

7 years and above

8 years and above

9 years and above

10 years and above

34 years experience

The prestigious school which started in January 1985  has grown remarkably, and is today a leading institution offering a first class education from the foundation stage to post- secondary levels

1 School, 3 Campuses 

Greensprings School have campuses in two different locations. This afford students staying in either of the two parts of Lagos- Mainland and Island, the access to world-class education.

International Exposure

Join a global community of students.Take learning beyond the class. Get a chance to travel to exciting places around the world. Whatever path you choose, you’ll have a learning experience that makes a true and lasting impact.

Academic achievement starts with the right foundation

Columbia University scholarship offer for Greensprings alumnus at Ridley College

Christian Ikeokwu

Offers of Admission

Major in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Oberlin/Columbia with a $60,000 USD Scholarship

University of Toronto


Stanford, Cornell and University of Pennsylvania

Capstone Scholarship at Horward University in Washington D.C

Ikenna Kelechi Onyenze

(class 2012) is currently enjoying a Capstone Scholarship at Horward University in Washington D.C where he is studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Scholarship is 85% of total Cost of Attendance and covers tuition, accommodation and some other fees.

Last semester Ikenna achieved a GPA of 3.94 on a scale of 4. He hopes for "Suma Cum Laude", an equivalent of first class, so he can attend an Ivy League University for his Masters Degree

Greensprings student elected to attend Stanford University.

Chinedum Benjamin Egbosimba

(class 2012) is currently enjoying a Capstone Scholarship at Horward University in Washington D.C where he is studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Scholarship is 85% of total Cost of Attendance and covers tuition, accommodation and some other fees.

He is well on the way to earning a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and completing a minor in Chinese. This year he was recognized

by the black community center awards for his academic excellence at Stanford.

Some Awards of Excellence

Top 6 Outstanding Schools in Lagos

(In Social and Academics)

Presented by: Lagos State Ministry of Education


Essay Competition for Schools.

Presented by: British Airways

First Position

(Art Competition)

Presented by: Nigeria Olympics Committe

Outstanding School in Nigeria

(Award of Excellence)

Presented by: The Nigerian Education Times

Here is what student will benefit

Your child will get a well-rounded education in a safe and secure environment

Your child will develop the core skills in learning, literacy, numeracy and a sense of orderliness.

Your child will be diligently supervised by specialist tutors to harness his/her core competencies.

Your child will develop the cognitive ability to grasp things very fast in a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.

Your child's progress will be tracked regularly, in order to apply special reinforcement when he/she is experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory performance levels

Your child will be guided to develop the behavioural skills and self-awareness, required to enhance self-esteem.

Your child will be given the opportunity to learn international languages in preparation for the world stage

Your child will gain the solid foundation required at this level, to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school.

Turn your talent into world-class skill

What We Have And How We Do It

Stimulating learning environment

We provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for your child to develop the cognitive ability to grasp things very fast.

Advisory and guidance

We offer the right challenges within a well-supervised and caring environment to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.

Specialist tutors

Our specialist tutors will provide relevant reinforcement for any child experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory performance levels.

Unit of learning

Learning better from knowing how you learn through the IPC learning process:- Entry Point; Knowledge Harvest; The Big Picture Explaining the Theme; Research Activities; Recording Activities and Exit Point.

Eight IPC Personal Goals

Enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and adaptability.

IPC types of learning

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding. They define what children might be expected to know, what they might be able to do and the understandings they might develop in their academic, personal and international learning. These also impacts on how each is planned for, learned, taught, assessedand reported on.

Clear learning goals

Learning and improving with clear learning goals adopted from over 100 cross curricular units, self review process, International learning community and assessment for learning programme.


We have a very conducive en-suite boarding accommodation in a serene environment, tailored towards preparing students for adult life. We have wifi internet enabled common rooms, where the students can study and socialize with their colleagues. Adult supervision is guaranteed as we have experienced live-in house parents in the hostels.

Sporting facilities

A list of our sports facilities include: 3 football pitches, 4 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, 2 basketball courts, 4 table-tennis tables and a badminton court.

Why choose Greensprings ?

We have over 30 years of experience

Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child. Taking one's time to explore educational options is an important decision for any family or parent. Greensprings has been a co-educational school for more than 30 years, we understand how boys and girls learn and grow. We seek to aid the development of children in our care, to become outstanding scholars, athletes, artists and global citizens, by instilling in them the spirit of excellence.

Well-rounded education is of paramount importance at Greensprings. We guide all students to develop personal integrity and leadership skills which they can draw from for the rest of their lives. We would love to help you understand the unique benefits that we have to offer at Greensprings, where we encourage each child to develop as a lifelong and confident learner.

Don't just take our word for it:

Shane Melaugh

"I have had so many fun moments in school.This School has taught me to be confident and Independent"

Eghosa Ibie

Shane Melaugh

"Elementary School has helped me physically, mentally and academically"

Tomiwa Adefeko

Shane Melaugh

" I would like to thank my parents for bringing me to Greensprings School and my teachers for helping me through my troubles"

Ugochkuwu Whoba

Shane Melaugh

"There were a lot of ups and downs like a merry go round. Moving on to 2 Adebayo was a blast just like the bouncy castle then went over a hill to 3 Jaguar Ofoegbu. What a great class!"

Oreayomiposi Bajela

Winning is Our Nature..

Outstanding Performance

(Athletics Competition for Primary Schools)


Immense contribution

​to sports in Nigeria

​Nigeria School Sports Federation

Meritorious Award

(School Based Management Committee)

​SUBEB, Lagos

Outstanding Performance

(School Sports Awards)

Nigerian Sports Award

Associate Member

(Education Empowerment Center)

Asset Re-engineering Company

Appreciation of commitment to

Special Olympics

​Special Olympics Committee


(for patnership and support)


Most Organised School

Achievement Award

Junior Achievement Nigeria

Accreditations, Approvals and Partnerships