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Events in March

The month of march was indeed colourful and a collection of amazing memories. From mothers' day to the art exhibition we were indeed treated to special moments by students, staff as well as parents. Here are the highlights of the events:

Mothers' Day 2018

Mothers' day 2018 was full of special activities and presentations from students across the various sections. It is a day set aside to celebrate our amazing mothers. 

Events in March 1
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Sports' day  2018      

Students, parents and invited guests look forward to this event with a lot of excitement. The best of talents are put on display and the results of continuous practice and concentrated efforts are showcased that day.

Events in March 2
Open House (Lekki)

The Open house for the Lekki campus comes up next month. Teachers and School Administrators are invited and are given the opportunity to learn about Greensprings School and what makes it different .

Events in March 3
Year 11 Art exhibition (Anthony) - March 24th

Colourful displays of art works, crafts and timeless pieces are the major highlights of the day. Students who have designed beautiful paintings and drawings showcase them to parents and members of the school community.

Events in March 4
Year 8 Formal Dinning 

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