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IS YOUR CHILD BEING BULLIED?  HERE ARE 10 THINGS TO DO “Bullying is when you keep picking on someone

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5 Ways Sports Can Help Your Child

Have you ever looked at sports as something just for children? Do you think it will distract your children? Before you conclude, think again. In this blog post, we have done hours of research to prove

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6 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Boarding School

Introduction It is not always a straightforward process deciding the right education path for your child, and for many parents, there are few decisions more significant than whether

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5 Questions To Ask When Visiting Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Introduction It is always a stressful process for parents when it comes to choosing a secondary school for their children.  By the time students are in year 6, most parents

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Greensprings completes the final stage of approval as Nigeria’s first Thinking School

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.The approval process commenced  in November 2017 with the training

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The Importance Of Inclusive Education In The Classroom

IntroductionIn 2016, about 7 million children were reported to be out of school because of their inability to access primary education due to disability state according to vanguard

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Recent Achievement – Leading Light

Greensprings School is dedicated to raising outstanding individuals who are leading lights in society and responsible global citizens. Our approach to education is holistic and it can be seen in the conduct

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Easter Montessori Workshop

The 2018 Easter Montessori workshop, which marked the 10th year anniversary, was held between Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 April, 2018. It was a huge success. There were many participants

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Why Teaching Health Education Is Important In Elementary School

"With exercise and activity habits commencing early in life and the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors among children and adolescents translates into reduced health risks in

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