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Why Teaching Health Education Is Important In Elementary School

"With exercise and activity habits commencing early in life and the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors among children and adolescents translates into reduced health risks in

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The Negative Influence Of Information Technology On Child’s Education

If you travel back to memory lane; you will realise that it was so much easier than it is now.  Children back then - 20 years ago played outside all day, playing sports. They created

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5 Advantages of Technology In Early Childhood Education

The role of technology in early childhood education is a controversial topic. Parents and educators are now more concerned about the harm technology can cause to young children than the benefits it brings.

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Why Parental Involvement Is Important In Child’s Education

Parent’s involvement in child’s education is a topic a lot of researchers have broadly studied on. It’s been identified that parents who are actively involved in their child’s

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Sports Day 2018

Sports Day presents an opportunity for our students to express themselves through sporting competitions. It is a participatory event day for Elementary, Secondary and Sixth Form students, where participants

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Year 11 Art Exhibition (Anthony)

"Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can on it" - Danny Kaye.Art is an essential part of life. It is a means of expressing deep thought, intelligence and creativity. This year's art exhibition

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Year 8 Formal Dining

Dining etiquette, or a lack thereof, can have a big effect on one's social standing and acceptance, particularly when you are moving in business or official circles. This is the reason why our students

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Mothers’ Day 2018

Mothers' day was one of the most memorable events held in the month of march. It was a day set aside to celebrate the joys and beauty of motherhood.  The theme for this year was "the complete woman".This

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Sports’ Day 2018

Sport is an essential part of learning and child development. Regular engagement in sporting activities produce sound individuals who possess sound minds and sound bodies. This year's  joint

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