8 Tips To Ensure Examination Success

It’s that time of the year again and we can hear the school bell ringing! Exam is just around the corner, and we know it can be difficult adjusting from the days of christmas to the busy and fast pace of the school year.

Do not panic! The secret to passing any examination is through adequate planning. Success is preceded by deliberate actions. In order to pass any examination with excellent grades, the candidate must set a specific grade target and create a plan to achieve it.

Below are 8 tips on studying effectively for your exams;

1.       Set goals for your exams

Having clear goals and targets is a foundation for academic success. Goals ultimately help in preparing and avoiding exam fever.

2.       Create a study plan

To achieve your goals, you need a study plan. This is a carefully put together schedule that shows study goals and their timelines. A study plan takes into consideration your current activities, best time for assimilation, learning abilities, areas of academic strength and weakness.

3.   Start preparing NOW!!

The earlier you start using your study plan, the better you will improve your studies. If you leave preparation till the last minute, your study plan may be disrupted and study goals will be difficult to achieve. A study plan will be more effective if there’s adequate time for revision.

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4. Apply memory techniques

It is not enough to just have a study plan; you need to start reading your notes. The way you revise your notes will determine your ability to recall what you have learnt. Take the time to learn different memory techniques and practice applying them. Understand the basic memory principles upon which your brain works. The more you build up your memory muscle, the stronger it will be and the more confidence you will have in your ability to recall information when you need it most.

5. Make a habit of note taking

A dull pencil is considered better than the sharpest brain. Taking notes every time you read and study is vital.  Get a separate notebook for jotting down points and extracting key notes from books when you’re studying. Go over your jotting several times, read out loud the points you have made, this will help you retain the information faster. Diagrams and images can also be used to represent ideas/concepts learnt from studying.

Note taking for exams

6. Practice old examination questions

Make use of past question papers to study,as solving old questions will familiarize you with the sort of exam questions to expect.

7.       Avoid long reading hour’s

Time management is very important for effective studying, however you must observe regular breaks to relax. Spending long hours behind your desk can be very counterproductive and may even cause a health condition.

8.       Engage in group discussions

Collaborative learning is very effective as children tend to learn faster from their peers. Initiate group conversations where key topics from your study can be discussed. Allocate a specific duration for this purpose.  

Are you prepared for your exam? Find out, take the quiz; 

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All the best in your upcoming examination and remember to make good use of these tips.

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