3 Common Learning Styles You Should Know

Children learn in different ways.  Understanding your child’s learning style is crucial to their overall success. To ascertain your child’s learning pattern, you will need to recognize the three common learning styles . They include – kinesthetic, visual and auditory styles. Generally, children will show a balance among all three, however they may thrive more in a particular learning style.

If you have a better understanding of your child’s learning style, you will know the best way to assist them with their studies. The advent of technology has made it easier for parents and guardians to identify their child's learning styles through quizzes.

However, careful observation of your child's day to day activities can also help in knowing the appropriate learning style. 

Here are 3 common learning styles you should know;

1. Kinesthetic learners- have a strong sense of balance, they learn best by doing things for themselves. They use a lot of gestures to express themselves. For example, he/she may count on their fingers or clap while calculating.

                                       Signs your child is a kinesthetic learner

  •  Enjoys writing, drawing or handcrafting exercises
  • Regular use of gestures when speaking or trying to get their point across.
  • Great in sports or other physical activities
  • Loves play acting

2. Visual learners- learn by looking at things around them. They are drawn to nature and you will find that most of them love painting or reading books.

Children in this group are very sharp-eyed and they excel best by studying their environment. 

Many people forget names of individuals they see, but not the visual learners. They recollect the names of people they encounter.

                                    Signs your child is a visual learner

  • Lover of nature
  • Ability to remember people
  • Excellent at painting or drawing
  • A good remembrance that conveys visually observed information
  • Book lover
  • Loves reading alone

3. Auditory learners - Children in this group, learn by sound.  They love to listen to others speak and this way they retain information faster.

They pick up noise that most people do not notice. Teachers often find that children in this set, are musically inclined, and they show great interest in playing instruments or even singing. 

Think about it! Do you ever notice your child reading out loud or memorizing songs they hear ? If you do, then your child is an auditory learner. Make sure you engage your child in  group discussions. This will improve their learning experience.

                                          Signs your child is an auditory learner 

  • Enjoy talking and conversations
  • Lover of music and can play an instrument
  • Often sings along to songs they hear
  • Recognise sounds that people do not notice
  • Learn a lot by listening to others talk

Note, that children can be a mix of different learning styles. A child can have a blend of auditory and visual learning or vice- versa. When you understand your child's learning styles, you can begin to build up on it. This is just the first step in overcoming learning barriers.   

                            Quiz: Determine Your Child's Learning Style?

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